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CERF Registry Lookup

You may search for a dog using one or a combination of these criteria:
  • CERF # as printed on the certificate.
  • Registration # as printed on the certificate.
  • Partial or full Dog's name and/or Breed
  • Tip: Click "Clear Fields" to reset.
  • Tip: Press the first letter of the breed to scroll down faster. E.g. Press 'G' for Golden Retriever.
(e.g. GR-1234):
Dog Name
(e.g. Fido):
Registration #
(e.g. SN123456):
(e.g. 'G' for Golden Retriever):
Exam Start Date   Exam End Date  
Note :
  • Please note that CERF Certification is only valid for one year.
  • Do not include titles when searching by Dog name.
  • Only 150 listing will be displayed maximum per search.
  • If you cannot find a particular dog through the on-line registry look up please submit an inquiry or call CERF at (217) 693-4800.

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