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Did You Know...

CERF registration is good for 12 months from the examination date. Thereafter, the dog must be re-examined by an ACVO Diplomate and re-registered with CERF to maintain an up-to-date CERF certificate.

There is NO minimum age for CERF registration.

Your dog may need to be diliated before the exam. View a list of dogs that need to be dilated prior to examination.

CERF Registration

An ACVO Diplomate will need to complete the examination section of the CERF form and indicate any specific disease(s) found.

Dogs found to be unaffected by major heritable disease by an ACVO Diplomate can be registered with CERF.

To initiate registration, the owner/breeder must complete the backside of the owner copy (white form) of the CERF examination form and forward it, with the appropriate fee, to CERF headquarters.

How to Ensure Proper CERF Registration

cerf registration

Once the examination has been completed, the ACVO ophthalmologist will provide you with an Owner’s copy of the CERF examination. On the back of the registration form there are spaces available for the dog owner to fill out with information needed to complete the registration process to receive your CERF certificate and CERF number. The following information is required to ensure proper registration and/or to prevent a delay in the registration process.


Needed Information

  1. Registration number: AKC, CKC, UKC etc., microchip number, DNA number, and tattoo’s are all acceptable for CERF to use in the registration portion of the form.
  2. Re-CERF number if applicable
  3. Microchip number (if applicable), sex, DOB
  4. Registered name of the dog
  5. Variety (mini, toy, etc.)
  6. Color


Please Note!


The box that states “DO NOT release information regarding this dog’s CERF status.”
When this is signed it will suppress ANY information. The CERF information will NOT go to OFA, AKC and it will also be suppressed from the CERF database. The owner of the dog will be the only person who will have any information on the CERF with the CERF certificate. CERF will be unable to disclose any information to anyone other than the owner who submitted the CERF paperwork; we will refer all inquiries back to the owner of the dog.

The box that states “Even though my dog may not receive a CERF number.  I still authorize CERF to publicize my abnormal findings to the public.”
When this is signed, it will publicize ANY information (even non passing CERF information); the CERF information will go to OFA and the CERF database.


Extra Information

  • Any additional paperwork you can provide CERF with: for example AKC, CKC paperwork showing the dogs information such as registered name, DOB, sex etc. will help ensure proper registration.
  • You may now send your CERF forms in electronically.  You may fax your forms along with credit card information to 217-693-4801 or scan your registration forms into an email at
  • CERF will accept eye examinations on OFA forms into the CERF database.  Please make a note that it is your intent to register with CERF, make a notation of the color of your dog and make payment payable to CERF.  CERF will send you out a certificate, post the results to the CERF website, send your results to OFA so you may qualify for your CHIC number and send your results to AKC.